What We Do

Sport Nottinghamshire represents the County Sports Partnership (CSP) for the city and county of Nottinghamshire.  CSPs are networks of organisations working in sport and active recreation, including, Local Authorities, National Governing Bodies of Sport, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Professional Sports Clubs and Public Health.  Nationally, there are 49 established County Sports Partnerships in England.  They are led by a core team whose job it is to provide leadership and co-ordination of a network that is focused on sport and active recreation.

In Nottinghamshire, that core team role is provided by Sport Nottinghamshire, representing and supporting these key partners in the provision of opportunities for everyone in Nottinghamshire to be able to participate in sport and active recreation and to reach their full potential.  Sport Nottinghamshire is committed to making sport and active recreation accessible to all sections of the community and promoting the safety and welfare of children engaged in sporting activities locally.

Funding for the work of the County Sports Partnership is, in the main, provided by Sport England and is routed through Sport Nottinghamshire.  It is a mixture of revenue funding for the core team and funding for specific programmes to increase participation in sport and to increase the quality and quantity of volunteers and coaches in sport locally.  Sport Nottinghamshire and partners work to an agreed national specification agreed with Sport England to ensure consistency in the way that County Sports Partnerships support the work of National Governing Bodies of Sport at a local level.

Sport Nottinghamshire was established in February 2006 and there are funding agreements in place with Sport England through to March 2017.  In 2011/12 the turnover for Sport Nottinghamshire was around £550,000.

You can download the Sport Nottinghamshire Annual Review for 2015-2016.

The County Sports Partnership has developed a Framework for Sport in Nottinghamshire which has identified the priorities for sport in Nottinghamshire under 4 key headings:

Major Sports Events

  • To host 4 Major Sports Events each year


  • Maximise community access to education sites
  • Protect and enhance our community sports facilities provision
  • Maximise investment in sporting facilities, matching needs and opportunities
  • Develop appropriate facilities for elite performance
  • Develop major spectator facilities

Children & Young People (0-16 years)

  • Increase the number of Children & Young People participating in sport & physical activity in clubs, schools, FE & HE
  • Ensure every young person in Nottinghamshire has the opportunity to reach their full potential in sport by working with NGBs to develop appropriate performance pathways

Community Sport & Physical Activity

  • That people in Nottinghamshire are more active, more often
  • Use 2012 as a driver to increase participation
  • Use 2012 to inspire an entire generation to reach their full potential

We aim to provide information and advice about sport in Nottinghamshire and to encourage more people to be more active more often.



  • advice and resources for clubs and coaches
  • information on participation in sport and activities for families
  • links to funding opportunities for individuals and clubs
  • volunteering in sport
  • the latest news on sport in the county


Information and resources about:

  • National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs)
  • Local and national strategies
  • Policies
  • The latest research information
  • Safeguarding guidance and resources.

Sport Nottinghamshire Equity Statement

Sport Nottinghamshire Equity Statement