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Activities for Women in Nottingham

Nottingham has so much on offer for its women! In this post, we take a look at the vast array of physical activities that Nottingham has to offer its ladies.

Nottingham Women’s Centre

This centre began in the early 70s, which makes it one of the oldest of such establishments in the country. The UK’s second wave of feminism brought about a movement of women fighting for equal pay, equal opportunities and equal education. This all coincided with the creation of this centre as a place for women to unite.

Today, the centre works across the city of Nottingham and the wider county to offer services to women. Some women are offenders, some have mental health problems, some are asylum seekers, some face extreme poverty, some are escaping abusive relationships and some are just wanting to make an improvement in their lives.

Activities for women at the Nottingham Women’s Centre

Nottingham Women’s Centre offers a huge range of activities and courses for women. As well as basic skills such as maths and English, they offer lots of sporting activities. Here are some of the activities on offer to give you an idea of what you can do there.

  • Arrows Archery – this takes place on Thursday afternoons and allows women to try something new while meeting new people. Your age or ability doesn’t matter and this is also an activity that you can do in a wheelchair.
  • Pilates – this takes place on Friday mornings. The instructor is fully trained and you will be able to learn about balance and body conditioning. This can help improve your posture, your muscle tone and your joint mobility.
  • Therapeutic Dance – this takes place on Saturday lunchtime. It is a creative way to exercise and release the stress of everyday life.
  • Yoga – Tuesday afternoon’s activity is yoga. This is a 90-minute session that focuses on finding balance and healing. Yoga helps you strengthen and stabilise your body using movement (vinyasa), postures (asanas) and breath work (pranayama). This is a class that is suitable for everyone.

Nottingham – This Girl Can

Another organisation that is great in Nottingham is “This Girl Can”. Their website offers a great selection of activities throughout Nottingham. Here are some examples:


This is offered in all 8 council-run leisure centres in Nottingham. It is a dance-based class that is instructor-led. Sometimes you can find step aerobics versions or water aerobics or even aerobic gymnastics.

Aerobics is great for the cardiovascular system because it exercises your heart muscles in a fun way. Usually, aerobics classes cost from £5 to £8 each, although you can buy a course to reduce the cost.


Ballet is a great exercise and isn’t just for young girls. You will find lots of adult ballet classes in Nottingham. The Dance Studios run various classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Boxing is for women too! Bilborough Community Boxing Club has sessions dedicated to women’s boxing.

Burlex Fitness

This is a class that is specially designed to work on core strength and your flexibility. You also get the added thrill of a dance that is styled like Burlesque dancing! This suits all fitness levels and builds and often uses props! The class will use some traditional moves like lunges and squats too. The Burlex Fitness classes incorporate interval training which means that the intensity varies throughout the class. This means that the workout is well-paced and will improve fitness as well as tone, strength and flexibility. Burlex classes run at Nottingham Dance and Fitness.


Don’t worry, you don’t need to be 6 foot to enjoy basketball! Lots of women in Nottingham are really enjoying the thrill of this popular sport. It is great for your fitness and agility as well as hand-eye coordination and balance. There are three main clubs in Nottingham where you can play basketball. These are Nottingham Wildcats, Nottingham Nova Basketball Club and Nottingham Hoods Basketball Club.

Exercising with your baby

For women who have a young baby and are looking for exercise where they don’t need childcare, these classes are a great idea! There are lots of ways you can get active after having a baby and physical fitness is really important in the post-natal period as it helps to re-strengthen stretched muscles.

Some postnatal classes will include working out with your buggy or pram and some include exercising with your baby in a class situation. If the class is with a buggy, it’s important to keep a good posture. This means keeping your back straight and your arms bent at a right angle.

In Nottingham, there are a variety of swimming classes you can do with your baby at all Nottingham City Leisure Centres. Djanogly Leisure Centre has a Tuesday class for parents and babies to get fit.


There are many opportunities for fitness for women in Nottingham. This website has a great selection of activities for all types of people and all types of sport. Have fun getting fit in Nottingham!