Marketing and PR Advice

Marketing Your Club and Activities

If you are going to put in the hard work and take up some of the ideas here, you need to make sure that everyone knows about them to get people through your gates. Below are some ideas on how to do this.

Club Press Officer

Think about appointing someone in the club to take a lead for the publicity - the job can be as big or as small as you choose! Then think about using the following ways to tell the local community about what you are doing.

Activity Finder

Register your club and any activities taking place on the Activity Finder section of This will put your club in the spotlight and even get the club on the news pages of the website. Great if you are planning new or pilot sessions at the club and trying to attract new members.

Up to date website details

Making sure your website details are all current and the site is fully functional can have a positive effect on attracting new people to your club. A club's website is now a common first port of call for people interested in joining a new club in their area.

Social media

Have you considered using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter? We recently ran some Social Media seminars you can view the PowerPoint presentations here

Local press

Local press coverage can raise the profile of your club, ensuring it’s clear that new members are always welcome. Find out who is the sports editor of your local paper.

Flyers and Posters

Distribute leaflets or flyers to homes within a mile radius of your club. Put posters up in local schools and amenities such as Post Offices, libraries and shops. Put up banners that can be seen by people passing your club that promote free 'come and try it' sessions or membership promotions.

Community Events

Attract new people to visit your club by expanding what you offer; e.g. hold local events such as car boot sales, charity auctions, quiz nights and live music that are open to non-members. Get involved in local shows and fayres.

Be Part of Something Special

Why not stage Olympic themed nights and offer a chance to watch the Olympics together? What could be a better way to inspire new people to join your club than watching GB bringing home gold medals?

Open Days

Open your club up to the public for a day or a weekend. This can include sessions, fun informal games and non sporting events, music, food, a quiz or even a bouncy castle!!

When is it on?

Check what times the sport is on the television. Avoid putting on sessions while the100m final is on!

Get Your Friends Involved

Offer 'introduce a friend' incentives to current members such as a free coaching session or event. Give them a flavour of what the club can offer socially as well as part of playing the sport.

A Warm Welcome

Anyone that shows an interest is a potential member of your club, whether it be as a first team player, a social member or a volunteer. Is your club prepared for them and how will you be able to identify new faces?

Come for the sport, stay for the social

Start up informal sessions to welcome the new people to your club, plus food, drink and a social afterwards.

Junior Tasters

To welcome new juniors, hold informal coaching sessions and games plus after session activities.

Membership Discount

For example, if someone attends a taster session, then looks at joining the club, offer a percentage discount.

Market Segmentation

What is market segmentation?

Sport England have split the population into 19 separate groups, each with their own traits and characteristics.

You can use these different groups, or segments, to examine expected participation levels, attitudes towards different sports and what factors stop people from playing sport.

How can I use market segmentation to help my club?

  • Market segmentation can help you identify which sections of the population your sport should target
  • Market segmentation can help you to target these people more effectively
  • Market segmentation can show you where these people are most likely to live.

Typical information provided by Market Segmentation

  • Jamies are typically 18-25
  • Their main sports are Football, Gym, Athletics and Cycling
  • They are more active than most other adults
  • 64% of Jamies would like to do more sport
  • Main barriers to playing sport include 'work commitments', 'no opportunity' and 'economic reasons'
  • 40% would do more if they were less busy, 23% would do more if it was cheaper
  • Jamie is likely to read Front, Match, News of the World and What Car
  • Preferred marketing to Jamie is internet and email
  • They like brands such as Adidas, Carling, Xbox, Magners.

Mapping Using Market Segmentation

An interactive tool at can help to map where different segments are likely to live. Below is a map of where Jamies are most likely to live in Nottingham.

Market Segmentation


Could you offer a social membership? Reduced attendance to events and maybe drink/food offers?

Our facilities are your facilities!

Offering your club as a base for other non-competing sports can increase membership. This can be done by having a sub-affiliation structure or because the link itself attracts people to join your club.

For example, if you’re a rugby club, why not invite a local running club to use your clubhouse as a meeting point and allow them to use the changing and bar facilities? If there’s no local running club nearby why not set one up?

Club Resource Pack 2012

Club Resource Pack 2012

This resource pack has been created to put all club information in one place for you to access. As well as details on specific projects, there are also details of where to go and who to contact for help, support and advice, plus information on attracting funding and how to apply.