Resources and Useful Links

This section gives you a chance to explore interesting and exciting sites from some of the leading voices in the coaching world. Please also see listed below a collection of useful resources we thought may be of interest to you at some point in your coaching career. 

Funding for coaches

There are a number of useful funding links to support coaches, this section will higlight the current key ones and be updated with any future links

Sports Coach UK Funding Guide

Sports Coach UK have created a funding guide giving you National and Local information around current funding streams

Gillette Coach Funding  

The scheme celebrates the role of coaching and supports coaches by offering aspiring and amateur coaches who wish to further their qualifications the opportunity to apply for grants. Application can be made via the brand's Facebook page. 

Mars Milk Play Fund

Mars are giving away grants for sports clubs, which can support coaching click on the above link for more details. 

Councillors Divisional Fund

Nottinghamshire County Councillors have a funding to spend on good causes in their area and in the past have supported coaches taking qualifications. 

Recommended Reading

Understanding Sports Coaching - Tania Cassidy, Robyn Jones and Paul Potrac

Successful sports coaching is as dependent on utilising good teaching and social practices as it is about expertise in sport skills and tactics. Understanding Sports Coaching offers an innovative introduction to the theory and practice of sports coaching, highlighting the social, cultural and pedagogical concepts underpinning good coaching practice 

The Score Takes Care of Itself - Bill Walsh

A great insight into leadership from one of the great coaches from American football, cited by Stuart Lancaster (England Rugby Head Coach) as a key influence on his coaching. 

'It has long been known that the book written by Walsh, the former coach of the San Francisco 49ers, is at the heart of Lancaster’s coaching philosophy' (Telegraph, 2013)

Coaching Children in Sport - Edited by Ian Stafford 

Explains why children cannot be seen as mini-adults in sport and helps coaches to devise effective ways of working that achieve results but that also take into account the best interests of the child. This book is suitable for students, teachers and practitioners working with children in sport, physical education or developmental contexts.

Mindset - Carol Dweck 

Carol Dweck's is a popular book amoung coaches and although not coaching specific looks at adopting the right mindset in whatever environment you are working in. 

Sports Coaching Cultures - Robyn Jones, Kathleen Armour and Paul Potrac

The book talks to leading names in the coaching world and looks at their stories, personal coaching philosophies and their individual recipes for good practice. 

Useful Website Links

Sports Coach UK Funding Guide

Sports Coach UK have developed a national and local funding guide for coaches who are looking to gain financial support towards their coaching qualifications

Sports Coach UK Minimum Standards

Sports Coach UK has guidelines around the minimum standards required for coaches in different settings and sports view this link to see more

Sports Plan - Games and Ideas

Great site for coaches looking for more games and ideas to support their coaching

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