Top Tips - Applying for Funds

Top Tips for Completing Funding Applications

  1. Find a grant to fit your project aim, not the other way round!
  2. Read all of the funder’s guidance – thoroughly to ensure your project objectives fit with their key criteria.
  3. Always check first that your club / organisation fits the criteria and keep the aims of the funder at the heart of your application i.e.— if their aim is to increase participation, demonstrate how you are going to do this.
  4. Enlist the support of National Governing Body Officer and / or local Sports Development Officer —preferably at the start of the process they may be able to help.
  5. Be clear about what you want to achieve with your project and how the funding will help this. 
  6. State the obvious – don’t expect the funder to understand your activity/organisation.
  7. Take note of what is excluded from the fund and ensure that these are not mentioned in the application.
  8. Focus on what the grant will enable you to do, not what you are doing already.   
  9. Make your application stand out: Often funding applications are judged through a competitive process, so be innovative!   
  10. Demonstrate there is a need for your project, there is no point trying to grow a club if there isn't the demand. Consider doing some research, you may want to visit Sport Nottinghamshire’s Insight Page here to help guide local intelligence.
  11. Explain what impact the project will have on the beneficiaries.
  12. Projects need to be sustainable and usually completed within 12 months so describe how you will do this. There is nothing wrong with charging participants.     
  13. Be realistic with your costs and make sure your sums add up.
  14. You won’t get funding if your project has already started.  Leave plenty of time between submitting the application and the proposed start date.
  15. Be realistic with what you can deliver – don’t over promise as it may affect your ability to re-apply for future funding.
  16. Proof read all applications before submission, especially online applications. Ask someone who doesn’t know the full details of the fund if the application explains what you think it does.