Top Tips - Applying for Funds

Top Tips for Completing Funding Applications

  • Read all of the guidance. Thoroughly. Then re-read it, just to be sure.
  • Find out the funders key criteria (e.g. increasing participation amongst children, encouraging social cohesion) and clearly explain clearly how your project meets these.
  • Find out what is excluded from the fund – what the funder will not give money for – and ensure that these are not mentioned in the application.
  • Be clear on what you want to achieve with your project and how the funding will help this.
  • State the obvious – don’t expect the funder to understand your sport.
  • Seek advice (e.g. from your local Sports Development Officer, Sport Nottinghamshire, your NGB officer, a friend or the funder etc.) Ask someone who doesn’t know the full details of the project if the application explains what you think it does.
  • Proof read all applications before submission, especially online applications.
  • Identify why the project is needed. Use local intelligence (surveys) or national data (e.g. Sport England’s Market Segmentation) to show this.
  • Be realistic with your costs and make sure your sums add up.
  • Explain what impact the project will have on the beneficiaries.
  • Be realistic with what you can deliver – don’t over promise as it may affect your ability to re-apply for future funding.
  • Get support for your project from your local authority and National Governing Body; they may be able to help.
  • Contact your Local Authority Sports Development Manager or NGB for advice and support.