Expressions of interest now open for our Families Fund

By Nik Emmonds on July 25, 2017

Families Fund

4 in 5 of children aged 5 to 15 living in England are not doing the daily minimum recommended amount of exercise. This is why we initiated Families Fund, a major new investment programme which will support families with children to get active and play sport together.

Helen Davis, a representative of Sport Nottinghamshire, said: “We want everyone in England, regardless of age, background or level of ability to feel able to engage in sport and physical activity.

“Parents and caregivers play a key role in shaping a child’s attitudes and behaviours”, Helen added. “We acknowledge the influence parents have over a child’s engagement in physical activity, this is why, with this fund we decided to move away from the traditionally child-focused programme, and instead target the whole family.”

This shift in focus is very exciting, as it also allows us to work with new partners. This first round of funding is aimed mainly towards getting families from lower socio-economic backgrounds involved in sport. Thus, we are looking to invest in organizations that have a track record of changing behaviour with families in these groups. These organizations don’t need to be related to sport or physical activity, but truly understand what these families want and need.

In our Families Fund prospectus you can find out more information and guidance about who we want to reach through this investment, what we aim to achieve, and the challenges that need tackling. The deadline to submit your application of interest is 3 pm 31st August. Please contact us if you need any assistance with your application.