RunTogether and Race for Life supporting women in their running

By Nik Emmonds on April 11, 2017

Sport Nottinghamshire

RunTogether and Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life have launched a new initiative to support women taking part in Race for Life events. By becoming part of a local RunTogether group women are able to access the advice, support and encouragement that is available to help them with their running. Members of RunTogether groups will also be encouraged to get involved in Race for Life events.

Each year more than 500,000 women run, jog or walk in more than 300 Cancer Research UK Race for Life events across the UK - either 5k, 10k or a Pretty Muddy obstacle course run. RunTogether groups, including many that are provided by England Athletics affiliated clubs, are able to provide these women with additional support in the build up to their chosen event and to then continue to enjoy their running and the fitness benefits it brings.

England Athletics' Head of Running Participation Matt Birkett said, "Race For Life events have seen millions of women pulling on their running shoes due to being united in their desire to beat cancer. The atmosphere of support and encouragement at these events is tremendous. They are a real example of the way a powerful cause can inspire and motivate people, and of how running can be a way of bringing together and unifying a very wide variety of people.

"We know that our RunTogether groups also have a strong sense of support and encouragement, but they also offer people advice and guidance in their running that can make a huge difference when someone first pulls on their running shoes. A high number of the RunTogether groups are hosted and delivered by England Athletics affiliated clubs who share this desire to bring athletics and running to new people, give them support and help them to enjoy all that the sport has to offer.

"I know this partnership will see many people who take part in Race for Life events given support they will really value, take the RunTogether groups to a new audience and play a part in helping to raise money for a cause that is very close to so many people's hearts.

"If any club that is currently not involved in RunTogether wants to get involved I would encourage them to visit the RunTogether website to find out more."

Encouraging Race for Life participants to join a local RunTogether Group

A RunTogether search box is being included on Race for Life events and training pages, so they can search for suitable RunTogether Groups. Groups may well find some new Race for Life ladies joining your RunTogether Group over the coming weeks - we’re sure your groups will all make them feel welcome, as they prepare for their big day.

Clive Sanders, Head of Events at Cancer Research UK commented, "Working with RunTogether represents a great opportunity for us to encourage our supporters to become more active and healthier. By encouraging our participants to join a local RunTogether group, we hope they will find the support & motivation to continue jogging or running beyond their Race for Life event, and ensure that they’re ready to sign up again next year. And by working with the Run Leaders and RunTogether runners we hope to encourage even more people to sign up to Race for Life events (5k, 10k, Pretty Muddy, Half Marathon, Full marathon or Hike), raising even more money to help beat cancer."

Taking part in Race for Life

Cancer Research UK’s life-saving research relies on the amazing women who take part in Race for Life events every year.  Everyone has a different reason for signing up – maybe they have lost a loved one, perhaps they’re a survivor, or maybe they have no personal connection to cancer, but want to help those who do.

If RunTogether members would like to take part in Race for Life, we are offering all RunTogether runners £2 off entry to any 5k, Pretty Muddy or 10k event. Please get in touch with your local Run Leader who will give you a discount code.

You might even want to think about taking part in Race for Life with other members of your RunTogether group; click to find here to find out how to register as a group.