This girl can – and now so can thousands more!

By Nik Emmonds on June 27, 2017

Sport Nottinghamshire

Fresh from smashing a long-held cycling world record, endurance athlete Kajsa Tylen has launched Sweat Pledge to inspire individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

In 2016, Kajsa set a new Guinness World Record for the furthest distance cycled in a year by a woman, with a distance of 52,025 km, or 32,326 miles. Rather than raise money for a charity that encourages activity, Kajsa decided to encourage people to make ‘donations of sweat’ instead, and during the year she encouraged hundreds of people to be more active and achieve physical goals they never thought possible. continues that positive approach to encouraging others to strive for the podium of personal self-achievement. Those who sign up to Sweat Pledge will be able to:

  • Pledge to achieve a fitness goal
  • Sweat to achieve that goal
  • Inspire and be inspired by the rest of the Sweat Pledge community. 

Using the website will allow people to demonstrate their commitment to a fitness goal and to thank friends and family who may have inspired them to undertake their challenge. The website can also be used by their contacts to pledge their support to an individual to help motivate them to achieve their stated goal. It is designed to provide a forum for inspirational stories and act as the heart beat for a global community of competitors.

Kajsa says:“We all know it is important to exercise and stay active, but many people struggle to maintain that effort. Sweat Pledge is here to help, with the motivation of knowing that you are inspiring others to reach their fitness goals, and they are supporting you in achieving yours.

“When you sign up, you will have the opportunity to say who inspired you on your fitness journey, then make your pledge and upload photos, milestones and blog posts which show you progress. As you work to achieve your goal, you will be inspiring other people which will help spur you on too.

“The motivation that the sweat pledges gave me during my year breaking the cycling world record was immense - knowing that what I was doing was inspiring others kept me going. Now I want to spread that motivation with the rest of the world. Furthermore some people may want to set a big challenge but not fundraise for charity so this gives them another, non-monetary, way to drum up support.”

The launch of follows a momentous year in 2016 in which Nottingham-based Kajsa broke a world record for her endurance challenge, cycling on average 88 miles every day of the year. She attracted national and international media attention during the 12 months and received a special honour for her efforts at the Sport Nottinghamshire annual sports awards. is set to continue Kajsa’s work in inspiring others to commit to exercise goals and reap the benefits of physical activity. Signing up to is free for all participants.