2012 Legacy

On July 6th 2005, London was selected as the host city for the 2012 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. The games have been labelled the 'greatest show on earth' and involve thousands of sports men and women from around the globe aiming to reach the ultimate in sporting success.

Hosting the Olympics was a once in a lifetime opportunity and Sport Nottinghamshire worked hard with partners across the City and County to ensure significant benefits were achieved and a lasting legacy  created from London 2012.
One of the ways Sport Nottinghamshire promoted and supported the Olympics was through the East Midlands' Championing branding. The Championing Nottinghamshire logo is available for partners across the Business, Culture, Education, Health, Sport, Tourism and Volunteering sectors to use on any Olympics related or inspired projects. Banners with the logo on are also available to use at events.

For more information on the Championing branding or to request use of the logo or banners, please contact Sport Nottinghamshire

Part of the reason London won the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games was the ambition in the bid to create a legacy before, during and after the Games.

As a result of this ambition, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport produced the 2012 Legacy Action Plan, Before, during and after: making the most of the London 2012 Games

This document made 5 promises:

  1. To make the UK a world-leading sporting nation
  2. To transform the heart of East London
  3. To inspire a generation of young people
  4. To make the Olympic Park a blueprint for sustainable living
  5. To demonstrate the UK is a creative, inclusive and welcoming place to live in, visit and for business

In Nottinghamshire, key partners are supporting the delivery of this legacy across 7 themes;

  • Business
  • Children & Young People
  • Culture
  • Health
  • Sport
  • Tourism
  • Volunteering

An overview of the activities that have already taken place can be viewed in our Legacy Chart.