Equality & Diversity

Sport is a great way of promoting equality and bringing people from diverse backgrounds together under one united flag.

Big changes have been made recently within equality and diversity and it’s important for you to know how these changes affect you as a sporting organisation, or as an individual with a role in sport.

This section will help you to understand how sport is affected by the Equality Act 2010.

You will find a range of resources, ideas, and promotional items as well as useful downloads and website links at both the Equality resources and Sport England Market Segment Tool sections.

You can view an excellent Powerpoint delivered recently by Nottinghamshire County Council covering Equity and Diversity in depth see below (Requires Flash to be enabled)

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Equality Act 2010

Are you aware that the Equality Act 2010 is now in force?

Do you know how sport has been affected by the new act?

The Act brings together all the previous acts and legislations which formed the basis of anti-discrimination law in Great Britain.

This section details how the changes affect sport, and includes resources developed by the Notts Sports Equality Group to inform and support you and your organisation.

It’s important for your organisation that coaches, volunteers, and members are aware of the current equity polices that are in place within your organisation or club.

Carer Goes Free

All leisure facilities operated by Local Authorities in Nottinghamshire have come together to allow up to two carers to go free if the disabled customer requires additional support in accessing the facility, changing, or for a specific sport or physical activity. 

Customers will be asked to show their appropriate membership or disability card on arrival.

However the carers are not permitted to take part in the class / exercise as they are there purely to supervise and support the person with a disability. The only exception to this is if the person is going in the pool, then the carer will be admitted into the pool for free.

For more information about the exact details of what's on offer in each area, please see visit the websites for each local authority.

Equality Resources

Practical tips for promoting equality

A useful guide for any individual, club or organisation involved in promoting and delivering sport, including:

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Languge
  • Accessibility

Equity marketing templates 

There are 3 Microsoft Word templates for you to download, you just need to put in your own text and images to suit your targeted group.

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Promoting Activity and Running Sport have a range of appropriate, free images to download for marketing and promotional material use.

Sport England Market Segment Tool

Why do some people play sport? And why do some simply not want to join in?  Sport England has developed nineteen sporting segments to help us understand the nation's attitudes to sport, their motivations and barriers.

Sport England's Market Segmention interactive web tool can be used to analyse segment population and their characteristics at different geographic levels. It is possible to find out what people's sporting habits are in a particular street, community, local authority or region. 

  • Find out more about segments and answer questions such as ‘what is the dominant segment in my local authority area’ or ‘which segment lives within the catchment of my sports centre’ or ‘where can I find Leanne?’
  • Explore a particular sport and answer questions such as ‘which segments are more likely to play my sport’ or ‘which segments play team sports’ or ‘in this area, where are the people located who are more likely to play tennis?’
  • Investigate further characteristics about the segments and answer questions such as ‘where are people located who would like to play sport to lose weight?’

There is other non sporting related data and resources on the breakdown of demographics (such as age, gender, ethnicity, health, disability, and deprivation and inequality) within a ward or district. For more information on these or to find out how to get copies contact sports@nottscc.gov.uk.

Sport Nottinghamshire Equity Statement

Equity Statement

Sport Nottinghamshire believes that every individual in Nottinghamshire has the right to access a high quality sporting experience. To achieve this, Sport Nottinghamshire will work to reduce any barrier that restricts individuals exercising this right.

 Equity Policy

  1. Sport Nottinghamshire is committed to a programme of practical action to ensure that no-one using its services, applying for a job, or being employed will be treated less favourably than any other individual either by direct or indirect discrimination.
  2. Sport Nottinghamshire is committed to being a responsible employer by striving to achieve a workforce, which is representative of the population in the area. We will work with our host organisation, Nottingham Trent University to ensure that the potential of all employees is recognised, and that appropriate opportunities for training and development are available to all staff.
  3. To help ensure that its services are appropriate and accessible Sport Nottinghamshire will develop a positive working relationship with our community and seek representative views that will influence the development of programmes.
  4. Sport Nottinghamshire will promote and lead the equity work of the partnership and adhere to the equity principles contained within both this statement and Nottingham Trent University policies.
  5. Sport Nottinghamshire will ensure that all promotional material will be a reflection of and accessible to the Nottinghamshire population.
  6. Sport Nottinghamshire officers will receive appropriate levels of training associated with the delivery and management of the service, and ensure that the policy is implemented.
  7. Sport Nottinghamshire recognises its legal obligations and accepts that the following, and any subsequent updates, only set the minimum standards of employment and service that is expected: Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and update 2005, Equal Pay Act 1970, Equality Act 2006 and update 2010, Race Relations Act 1965, 1968, 1976, 2000, Representation of the People Act 1918, Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928, Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003, Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003, Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006.
  8. Sport Nottinghamshire will ensure that facilities being used to provide its services are accessible, and promoted to, all sections of the community.  In order to achieve this, Sport Nottinghamshire will ensure key staff have receive appropriate training
  9. Sport Nottinghamshire will lead and direct our partners to monitor & evaluate annual equity targets based on the population of the area in all of their programmes.
  10. Sport Nottinghamshire will ensure that anyone working for and on behalf of the organisation is fully aware of the Equity Policy, their responsibilities for its implementation, and its implication for their work practice.
  11. Sport Nottinghamshire will not tolerate any form of harassment of any individual. Any incidents of harassment will be investigated and where appropriate action taken
  12. Sport Nottinghamshire will ensure that an accessible and confidential complaints procedure will be put in place for employees and service users.
  13. Sport Nottinghamshire will strive to offer a wide range of communication methods to meet the needs of the community.
  14. Sport Nottinghamshire will appoint an officer to be responsible and accountable for this policy.  This officer will review this policy and will report to the Board annually on Equality within Sport Nottinghamshire.
  15. Sport Nottinghamshire will publicise their equality policy directly to all partners and will make this available to everyone via our internet site.  Sport Nottinghamshire staff will be made aware of this policy during induction.  We will produce a report of this policy, to be circulated to all partners, annually.
  16. Staff members who feel that this policy is not being applied should raise the matter using Nottingham Trent University’s Grievance / Harassment procedure. 



If you still have a query contact:

Sport Nottinghamshire
Tel: 0115 848 3469
email: info@sportnottinghamshire.co.uk

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