Managing Volunteers

It has been suggested that the management of volunteers is one of, if not the, biggest factor affecting the retention rates of volunteers in sport.  This coupled with today’s busier lifestyles and greater competition for volunteers means that effective management is essential for the retention and recruitment of volunteers within your organisation.

If an organisation is to meet the needs and expectations of the modern sports volunteer then they must have a volunteer programme that is; competent and creative in structure, whilst also providing flexibility and support for its volunteers, in a friendly environment.

We understand the importance of effective volunteer management, we also understand that sometimes a helping hand is needed to achieve this. So we have developed a handbook and training workshop all focused on developing your club/organisations volunteer management programme. 

To access our 'Practical Guide to Effective Volunteer Management' then you will need to attend one of our training workshops, use the search tool to the right of the screen to find your nearest one. To get you started we have provided some useful templates and example documents that you might find of use. 

Managing Volunteers

File TypeSize
Accident incident notification letter template docx350KB
Accident incident report template (nottinghamshire school games) docx238KB
Accident reporting factsheet (nottinghamshire county council) pdf43KB
Advertising checklist template pdf154KB
Code of conduct for club officials and volunteers (clubmark) docx70KB
Complaints policy sample (speaking up - via volunteer england) pdf31KB
Confidentiality agreement sample docx351KB
Confidentiality policy sample docx353KB
Defining supervision and regulated activity (sport recreation alliance & cpsu) pdf1090KB
Emergency contact list for volunteers template docx348KB
Equity policy example (clubmark) docx71KB
Etiquette information sheet pdf322KB
Getting it right from the start (volunteer england) pdf380KB
Guide to avoiding job substitution (volunteer england) pdf436KB
Guide to useful online resources to help groups with their communications and marketing activities (nottingham cvs) pdf229KB
Guide to writing a volunteer policy (british equestrian) pdf86KB
Health & safety guidelines (hse) pdf365KB
Health and safety for volunteers (volunteer england) pdf120KB
Induction checklist for safeguarding template pdf178KB
Induction checklist template pdf277KB
Lone working procedure sample docx353KB
Personal emergency evacuation plans factsheet dec 2014 nottinghamshire county council pdf226KB
Personal emergency evacuation plan peep template docx360KB
Practical guide to effective volunteer management first edition pdf23159KB
Practical tips for promoting equality (nottinghamshire county council) pdf4705KB
Problem solving for volunteers (volunteer england) pdf73KB
Risk assessment template docx354KB
Role evaluation template docx354KB
Role outline template docx352KB
Safeguarding policy sample (rfu - england rugby) pdf370KB
Sample interview questions for volunteers docx354KB
Sample role outlines (running sport - sport england) zip2111KB
Self-declaration form template docx353KB
Signage print information sheet pdf266KB
Skills audit template (nottingham cvs) docx507KB
Sports clubs the equality act efds pdf433KB
Training log template docx349KB
Volunteer agreement sample docx354KB
Volunteer application form template docx364KB
Volunteer expenses claim form template docx351KB
Volunteer expenses policy sample docx365KB
Volunteer policy sample (west bridgford tennis club) pdf95KB
Volunteer recruitment policy sample (games starters - nottingham 2015) pdf366KB
Volunteer reference form template docx354KB
Volunteer registration form template docx353KB
Volunteer signing in & out sheet - template docx349KB
Volunteer terminology information sheet (championing notts sports volunteering) pdf148KB
Volunteer welcome letter sample (clubmark) docx39KB
Volunteering insurance (volunteer now) pdf105KB
Volunteering whilst getting benefits (job centre plus) pdf393KB
Volunteers the club and employment law (royal yacht association) pdf32KB
Volunteers the law (moorhead james llp via uk sport) pdf388KB
Volunter review template docx359KB
Welcome pack checklist template pdf166KB
Where are you now worksheet (championing notts sports volunteering) docx350KB
Whistleblowing policy sample (the safe network) pdf116KB
Who does what worksheet (championing notts sports volunteering) docx352KB